Vocabulary: The backbone of your kids’ lexis edifice

"Vocabulary is the tip of the iceberg: Words reflect concepts and content that students need to know,"… Susan B. Neuman, professor at the University of Michigan

according to a latest study by Michigan early-learning experts, children who enter kindergarten with a small vocabulary don't get taught enough words. One of the authors of the study, Susan B. Neuman, Michigan University professor in educational studies, pointed out on the importance of a strong vocabulary in a kid’s future life.

However, during the elementary school level, kids only engross a few simple words. But, while in primary grade, they start learning through ‘Modern Basal Reading programs’, which contains meaningful stories, beautiful illustrations, multitudes of ideas, and reproducible worksheets. During these years, students move from learning to read to reading to learn through decoding words using their alphabetical knowledge.

This is the time when young students are expected to master English vocab words, which are no longer simple, but fact-filled texts on science, history, geography, and literature. They are introduced to a complete new world of education. And an enriched vocabulary can only help them to begin their voyage to this world, which by and large is run by words. therefore, 3rd to 5th grade is recognised as the critical transition—a pivot point in a child’s life and building a strong vocabulary is the primary task parents need to start during these years.

To easier this task and lighten parents’ burden, online learning platform, Vocab Tunes has come with unique workbook and CD exclusively for kids from 3rd to 5th standards. the workbook comprises a chapter introduction that defines the root word or words to be discussed in the following chapters. With relevant examples, it provides an insight on the usage of that root for creating different words. Songs on Latin roots with prefixes and suffixes are composed in a way that helps young minds to discover new words. Succeeding pages consist of two different quizzes; one on word definitions and the other on word parts.

It is a given that children who are given the opportunity to learn new words not only improve their vocabulary and communication skills, but also have an increased academic success rate. If you are among those hundreds of parents, who are facing difficulties in improving word stock of their kids, Vocab Tunes’ 3rd to 5th grade workbook and CD is definitely worth having.


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