Options of Learning English Vocabulary

During school days, there are lot many things for the students to learn in classroom sessions. After some time, they start losing interest in learning new things and that may include learning the English vocabulary. Some children may face problems with pronunciation and spelling while the others may have difficulty in memorizing or understanding the meaning of words.

Students, especially, those in grades 3 to 5 learn the language in monotonous environments. Therefore, learning different English vocab words should be made more interesting.

In many countries, English is taught from pre-nursery or elementary classes. The attention of the student needs to be caught through varied options of learning rather than following a set pattern always.

Audio-Visuals Aid in Classroom Training (CLT)

An audio-visual aid can be used for ice-breaking sessions or also in the middle of training sessions. Video clips, movie clips, documentary, theater/stage performances, television programs, educational games, and field trips are some of the options through which parents/teachers can make tiny-tots and primary school children develop interest to learn vocabulary words fast.


Many learners have fascination for music. It is a powerful tool for the engagement of the learners as it directly touches the emotions of everyone. It is definitely useful audio- stuff for teaching the English language. Teachers can use music to their advantage and can use different course-related songs or vocabulary building books that help in listening skills. Songs motivate children and may also aid many of them in reducing their anxiety levels. It helps in learning correct pronunciation through an interesting process as well.

Use of root words

It has been observed that struggling children benefit the most from learning Greek and Latin roots. Comprehension reading for 3-5 grade kids may become a challenge owing to introduction to thousands of new words. One of the effective strategies for vocabulary building is to make the child familiar with the frequently-used roots. It will help them to comprehend the meaning of unfamiliar words quickly.

The traditional classroom-based approach is definitely boring.  Expert teachers endorse that effective use of audio-visual aid always substitutes monotonous learning environments. The use of audio-visual aids helps the teacher and the learner in teaching and learning the language skills. Use of Latin and Greek root words accelerates the vocabulary learning process and websites like VocabTunes.com assist school-going children in understanding the English words, remembering them and building their vocabulary bank. Their program has been widely used by teachers and parents with great success.


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