5 Best Interactive Ways to Teach Vocabulary Words

Making K-2 grade kids’ familiar with thousands of new words seems to be a tiresome task for parents and teachers. The reason behind this is the playful nature of children. It is very difficult to make them sit and learn vocab words. In addition, conventional teaching methods can be a bit dull, particularly for younger children.

Fortunately, there are various interactive ways through which parents and teachers can help kids learn vocabulary words fast and in an engaging way. Parents in particular can use these interactive activities to develop a love for learning in their children.


Kids pick up new words from things you say and then try them out on their own. So, use as many new words as possible during your interaction with your child.

Word Games

Word games challenge your little ones and help them discover new words and their meanings. Crossword puzzles, word jumble, role-playing are some great tools for expanding your children’s vocabulary.

Cartoon shows and films

Watch cartoon serials and films with your kids. Cartoons use words that are simple enough for your little ones to understand, but also throw in plenty of challenging new words. In addition, voice actors on cartoons pronounce every word clearly.

Interactive Books

Interactive books require participation and interaction by the reader. These books enable kids to interact with the characters, thereby making the reading process more engaging. Listening to the stories helps children learn new words and also perfect their pronunciation. Several interactive books also come equipped with CD and DVDs that help children enrich their word stock.

Music and dance

Learning through music leaves an everlasting impact on young minds. Parents can adopt this tactic as a part of vocabulary development strategy. Several CDs and DVDs are available that contain songs based on root words, suffixes and prefixes. They help kids understand the pattern of creating new words using different roots.

To help children enhance their vocabulary in an interactive way, Vocab Tunes—a distinctive learning platform—has introduced an exceptionally structured product K-2 grade W/CD. The product, which is a beautiful amalgamation of interactive books and music, aims to improve the lexis of preschool to 2nd grade kids. It consists of a workbook and music CD comprising 21 exclusive songs appropriate for the children of this age group. Also, there is a DVD with 21 fun music videos. This educational program promises children a logical understanding of one hundred thousand words in 21 days.  


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